New Leadership: Our Top Picks

Digging back into our library of past Ashoka Huddles, these are three top resources for social entrepreneurs who are navigating more democratic, decentralized ways of leading and scaling. Check them out:

On scaling models: Decentralized Leadership with Wendy Kopp. After the successful growth of Teach for America, Wendy Kopp sought a global scale strategy that was more nimble than the centralized, district-by-district approach she'd first used. Instead of managing each country's efforts as a sattelite office, Teach for All gives full control to aligned country leaders, and focusing its energy on sharing best practices and providing leadership development opportunities. "This is the path to strength, innovation, and getting much better more quickly," said Kopp. Tune in to learn more about Wendy's take on whether to charge partners ("if you can help it, don't do it"), global knowledge management, organizing principles, and more.

On your organizational structure: Hacking Hierarchy with Janelle Orsi and Paula Segal. In this session, Paula Segal tees up SELC co-founder Janelle Orsi to share how to redistribute power in your organization – from legal structure, to governing, to cultural norms. At 24:36, Janelle elaborates on how "non-hierarchical doesn't mean structureless" - and introduces you to the cutest dinasoar in the social entrepreneurship universe.

On the personal journey: Letting Go & Scaling Up with Jerry White: Survivor Corps founder, Jerry White, opens an inquiry into the personal dimensions of "scaling up": How do I generously share my idea with the world? When and where must I let go of control in order to do so?