All About the Board: Double Feature

From the 30,000 foot view to the super-granular, check out how Ashoka Fellows are navigating board management:

In "Transformative Board Training," Sarah Hemminger leads off by saying: "Invest in your board members’ personal development the way you invest in your constituents & staff." This is a great Huddle for people interested in framing board membership as a journey of personal growth and shared values. What kind of training can fuel this process? How can a board reinforce the culture of an organization? Sarah weighs in on everything from time commitment to coaching tips for board chairs.

In "A Toolkit for Board Management," Imran Khan translates Embarc’s board management principles to systematized tools and practices. Check out Imran's full suite of board management tools below - including board member agreements, board member goal-setting and scorecards, recruitment tools, and board meeting templates with dashboards.