Past huddles

Using Christina Fialho & her organization, CIVIC, as a focal point, this Ashoka Huddle explored the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for data mapping that can hold policymakers accountable.

This Huddle was held in August 2016. You can view a recording here. There are myriad strategies for scaling up in the citizen sector- but what about the personal implications of letting go of control? In the pursuit of systems-level change, social entrepreneurs often encounter a point where their ideas grow to be "bigger than them." Suddenly, strategic planning can become entangled with notions of ego and trust.

This Huddle has concluded. You can view it hereWith Teach for All’s case as a focal point, this Huddle discussed the benefits of scaling with a decentralized approach. After the successful growth of Teach for America, Wendy sought a global scale strategy that was more nimble than TFA's centralized, district-by-district approach.“If you can possibly avoid charging partners, do.” -Wendy Kopp, Founder of Teach for All