Past huddles

This Huddle concluded in July 2017. Watch a recording hereAshoka Fellow and long-time pioneer of Open Education Resources, David Wiley, shares learnings and insights about how, when, and why innovators might make their intellectual property available for others to use freely. What are the advantages and disadvantages of freely sharing your IP? How do you openly license your copyrighted works, and what concrete options exist for social entrepreneurs who wish to do so?

This Huddle concluded in June 2017. You can view the recording here. This Huddle delves beyond the cliché interview question and actually explores what it would mean for your organization and your mission to absorb transformative funding. Join Andrew Mangino (The Future Project) and Jill Vialet (Playworks) as they share how to reframe your value proposition on a bigger stage - without sacrificing your mission.

Monday, June 19 from 11-12ET - Register here!  Simon Stumpf, Ashoka's U.S. Venture Director - and a rad dad of three - asks dad-identified Ashokans how they're experiencing - and possibly challenging or changing - the "parenting system." What draws from the very deepest traditions of their culture? What traditions do they want to let go of?

This Huddle was hosted in June 2017. No recording is available. The earliest stages of fundraising can often be the most challenging. Sarah Voelkl, Ashoka’s Global Partnerships Manager, has over a decade of experience in managing partnerships for corporations, foundations, and NGOs. In this Huddle, Sarah will explore the most often-asked questions by Fellows as they expand their own fundraising strategy. Participants will be invited to submit questions beforehand. This Huddle is specifically geared toward organizations with a $1M budget or less.


This Huddle has concluded. You can view it here.  With a global network of over 3300 Fellows (and a U.S. count of 225+), various programs and projects, and a sprawling network of friends and partners; the Ashoka Fellowship can take many different forms for different people!

This Huddle was hosting in May 2017. A recording is not available. With the vast majority of Ashoka Fellows based in urban settings, the story - and important insights - of rural innovators often go untold. Join an intimate conversation with rural-based Ashoka Fellows and partners who explore the unique challenges, insights, and promises of working in a rural context.

This Huddle has concluded. You can view it hereThese two Ashoka Fellows are calling into question the very socio-legal structures that serve as the foundation of their organizations. In the words of Paula Segal, “Not everyone needs to start a non-profit and not every non-profit needs to be run by a board or CEO.” Join this session to learn more about ways to distribute power in your organization – from legal structure, to governing, to cultural norms.

This Huddle has concluded. You can view it hereWith Momentous School, one of Ashoka’s Changemaker Schools, as the focal point of the conversation this huddle discussed how to prioritize social emotional health on par with academics to close the achievement gap and in some cases, actually flip it.

This Huddle took place in May 2017. On the coattails of Mother's Day, connect with other Ashoka Fellow moms and mom enthusiasts*! This facilitated conversation will highlight the lessons, challenges, and stories at the intersection of motherhood and vocation. What narratives about parenting are helpful, and which ones need to go out the window? How are we raising our kids with a sense of self, agency, and purpose? What if my child resents my work? We'll leave lots of room for candid conversation, and of course, a Mother's Day cheers to all the moms on the line!

This Huddle was hosted in April 2017.  One of the most pressing concerns in developing a social enterprise is financial sustainability. There is a massive variety of routes to economic viability, and this huddle will bring Manuel Wiechers of Ilumexico and Carlos Atencio of Medicina Familiar to talk about their experience in garnering funds from sale of products, impact investment, government cooperation and more. This Huddle will be held in Spanish.

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