Past huddles

Hosted in March 2018. Recording unavailable. Many social entrepreneurs share that trauma, anger and frustration are some of the key driving forces of their fight for justice, rights and equality in the world. Yet, we know that these emotions, whilst providing energy in the near term, are ultimately destructive of personal and community wellbeing. Ashoka Fellow Mike Sani has realized and deeply reflected upon this through his inner work.

Hosted in March 2018. Recording unavailable. Join Ashoka Fellows who have completed a leadership transition, those who are in process, and those who are preparing. What are the best practices of succession planning? What would you have changed if you did it differently? What were the surprises? This will include digital breakouts, tell-alls from those who have been there, and honest questions from all sides. Fellows are also welcome to invite their counterpart (incoming ED/CEO, etc.) to the conversation.

Hosted March 2018. Join a peer group* of Fellows, and share your experience navigating your identities as women, people of color, and national change leaders. What are the unique experiences of WOC social entrepreneurs? What support do you wish you had (or didn't have) when you got started?

*This Huddle is open to all women/womyn-identified Ashoka Fellows who also identify as Native American, Native Hawaiian, indigenous, African American, Black, Hispanic, Latino/a/x, Asian, Pacific Islander, or of mixed descent.

Hosted February 2018. Changemaker Educator Laura Pinto, STEM Teacher Specialist of Anne Arundel County Public Schools, and her team are integrating changemaking into the mindset, curriculum, culture and systems of their entire school district. Since beginning their journey in 2015, they have not only sparked change within the classroom but are learning to tackle whole-system challenges in creative ways. 

Hosted in January 2018. Recording unavailable. After more than two decades as a human rights activist in Brazil, Ashoka Fellow Lucia Nader's own exhaustion opened her eyes to a "holistic security crisis" in the field: A widespread lack of self-awareness and self-care that was also present in her work and personal journey.

Held in December 2017. Recording here! Government funding and public policy change are the 'holy grail' for social change organizations who seek to institutionalize their impact (SSIR 2014). Yet, how can such organizations be effective in a disrupted policy environment? How should policy-minded social entrepreneurs adapt their strategies within and beyond the public sector?

This Huddle was held in December 2017. A recording is not available. Three Ashoka Fellows invite a conversation about trauma and its effects on social entrepreneurs' work, and in particular, how the field might inspire new steps toward trauma-informed practices on an individual, organizational, and community level. What needs to change in order to support this field-wide shift? What examples are already out there? This Huddle will hold more questions than answers, and seeks to be a peer learning opportunity.

Hosted in November 2017. Recording available here! What structures exist for social entrepeneurs in the for-profit world?

This Huddle concluded on September 20, 2017. There is no recording available. Physicists say that dark matter - a substance that does not interact with light - makes up ninety percent of our universe.

Hosted in July 2017. No recording available. The third in a series of Huddles on partnerships, this Huddle will highlight Fellow Jeff Dykstra's insights on corporate partnerships and how he has partnered with companies and other stakeholders for greater impact. Jeff's organization, Partners in Food Solutions, unleashes the true power of corporate service: that held by a company's employees.