Past huddles

Hosted October 2018. Jeroo and Bram of CYFI work across 137 countries to ensure full economic citizenship for young people, mobilizing diverse actors to create long-term, sustainable change.

Hosted in October 2018. Recording here. Morgan Dixon is leading a movement of Black women who choose self-care as an act of revolution. Katrina Spade is challenging a toxic, dehumanizing funeral sector. In both cases, these women are reminding their communities – at massive scale – that their own heritage points to healthier ways of doing life.

Hosted in September 2018. View a recording here. Through Movement Generation, Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan and her team are growing a national movement for ecological justice, based on the core notion that people most affected by extractive economies – low-income people and people of color – are the most natural stewards of a Just Transition.

Hosted on Wednesday, May 23, 4-5pm ET | Recording unavailable. Jane Leu, Ashoka Fellow and co-author of Unicorns Unite, hosts a special Huddle about changing the systemically, historically, dysfunctional relationship between foundations and non-profits. This is geared toward Fellows with “EPIC partnership” experience, who feel like they’ve solved even one small piece of this dilemma.

Hosted May 16, 2018. Recording unavailable. Jane Leu, Ashoka Fellow and co-author of Unicorns Unite, hosts a conversation for Fellows who are tired of funding relationships that leave them feeling voiceless or powerless. Are EPIC funding partnerships actually possible? How can I ask for what I really want?

Hosted in April 2018. Recording unavailable.  Environmental stewards are birthed from a learning atmosphere that sees nature as a sacred and divine. This is a strong belief of Rainbow Community School. In this huddle, changemaker educator West Willmore will invite participants to discuss how to invite mindfulness activities, contemplative rituals, rites of passage, and nature play into your program so to evoke curiosity and engagement while facilitating learning.

Hosted in April 2018. Recording hereThe expanding number of aging people, young children, and disabled family members in our country will rely on a profession most people forget exists: professional caregiving.

Hosted on April 19, 2018. Recording unavailable. In many of schools, self-sacrifice is promoted at the expense of self-care.  It is true that how you get there is how you’ll arrive. In this case, when we “give it all” to meet the needs of our schools, we may end up with nothing to give. Research shows that educators who are not mentally and emotionally healthy are not effective at teaching social and emotional skills to their students, to say nothing about the burnout rate with 50% of teachers leaving the profession in the first five years of teaching.  

Hosted in April 2018. Recording here! Are you looking to boost your organization’s fundraising or revenue game? Does fundraising too often fall to the founder and a select few, or does everyone feel connected to the bottom line? Before you knock on foundations’ or investors’ doors, it might be worth taking a look at how your internal culture can get everyone in the fundraising game.

Hosted in March 2018. Recording unavailable. Many social entrepreneurs share that trauma, anger and frustration are some of the key driving forces of their fight for justice, rights and equality in the world. Yet, we know that these emotions, whilst providing energy in the near term, are ultimately destructive of personal and community wellbeing. Ashoka Fellow Mike Sani has realized and deeply reflected upon this through his inner work.