Past huddles

Thursday, October 31 at 3 pm EST | Register here! Share your mishaps, setbacks and “face palms” while listening to others in a Fellows-only space. This will not be an advising session. Rather it will be a safe space to name and recognize failures and feel support from your Ashoka community.


30 o 31 de octubre 2019, 10:00am-11:30am (Ciudad de México) | Registrar aquí.  

25 de septiembre 2019, 10:00am-11:30am (Ciudad de México) | Registrar aquí.  

Monday, September 23 from 12-1 pm ET | Register here! Does your board’s relationship to you and your organization feel perfunctory, serving only as a supervising body perhaps? Are you interested in exploring how to turn your board into more of a council of close advisors and co-creators? Join us as we kick off our Huddle series on Talent and Your Organization with Ashoka Fellow Sharon Terry of Genetic Alliance.

Wednesday, September 4 from 1 pm- 2 pm ET | Apologies, but we're rescheduling this Huddle. You can still register here! Let’s switch off the autopilot. Join us for a Huddle with Jason and Caroline Bernhardt-Lanier on bringing mindfulness in your personal relationships and ways of approaching conflict. We all have default ways of being, especially after the work day. How can we shift to being more conscious and dialogical in our communications?

21 o 22 de agosto 2019, 10:00am-11:30am (Ciudad de México) | Registrar aquí.  

Thursday, July 25 from 11 am- 12 pm ET | Register here! Wrangling with how to satisfy the impact evaluation requirements of funders while trying to express what really matters in your organization? It’s not just the numbers, you say? Join us for a chat with Fellow Cristi Hegranes of Global Press to learn how she owns the organization’s value frame in conversations with funders.


3 de julio 2019, 10:00am-11:30am (CT) | Registrar aquí. 

Thursday, May 23 - 10:30am-11:30am (CT) Mexico´s City | Registrar aquí! - La creación de una estrategia de financiamiento adecuada para acceder a recursos de índole internacional se ha convertido en una formación con la que todo emprendedor debe de contar.Tomando en cuenta que sólo se logran bajar el 10% de los fondos de cooperación internacional que hay disponibles para Latinoamérica, y entendiendo la necesidad de los emprendedores de diversificar sus ingresos, hemos invitado a

Tuesday, May 21 from 5-6 PM GMT + 5:30 (IST) | Join the Huddle here! It makes a huge difference when teams work together effectively. Some say it is the biggest collaborative advantage there. To know the secrets that make a team great Join Robert Wolfe who is an innovation facilitator and a leadership coach for an insightful conversation on the Pyramid of Lencioni and ways of building effective and purpose-driven teams.