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Digging back into our library of past Ashoka Huddles, these are three top resources for social entrepreneurs who are navigating more democratic, decentralized ways of leading and scaling.

child care

The Invisible Profession: Caregiving and the Future of Work. Today’s American families need more caregiving support than ever before - yet caregiving work is not visible, not valued, and not supported well enough to meet the soaring demand.

group brainstorming board

From the 30,000 foot view to the super-granular, check out how Ashoka Fellows are navigating board management:

company office

Easy as A, B, C Corps gave a great, behind-the-scenes breakdown of how social enterepeneurs have discerned between for-profit structures. Jake Shapiro, Kohl Gill, and Rushika Fernandopulle share around their discernment between different for-profit structures. Venture capital, C-corps, B-Corps, and public benefic corporations (PBCs) are all touched on through a lens of personal experience.


How can you share best practices across a growing movement?

In "Beyond Train the Trainer," Vivek Maru and Abigail Moy share how Namati created a custom learning platform across Namati’s global network of community paralegals, complete with an online platform, knowledge-sharing tools, research staff, and story-capturing incentives like the Grassroots Justice Prizes.