Tackling Isolation, Updated

This Huddle occurred on Wednesday, 4/1 from 1-2pm ET

In 2017, a group of Fellows discovered that the systemic issue they were all ultimately addressing was isolation. During this Huddle, Fellows reflected on the lessons that remain relevant today. Fellows also thought through the ways we might we update this conversation during a time of social distancing, quarantine, and isolation. See below for a list of resources shared during this meeting. 


Below are some helpful resources that were shared by our Fellows: 

  • Have you seen a solution related to COVID? Help David Bornstein + Solutions Journalism Network track the solutions and get them out to journalists by filling out this simple form.  

  • And if you need some Solutions Stories to lift your spirit, click here.  

  • Anne Basting + Timeslips have been helping their constituents by helping them understand the benefits of creativity and generosity. Learn more from her latest newsletter, complete with resources & stories. 

  • Lennon Flowers + The Dinner Party & The People’s Supper shared this comprehensive list of Mutual Aid Groups across the country  

  • On the gift of phone connections: David sent through this study exhibiting the value of phone connection through working with mothers experiencing postnatal depression. 

  • Finally, Kendis Paris + Truckers Against Traficking shared this NY Mag article about SBA Loans 

  • Towards the end of the call, Brittany Koteles + Nuns and Nones posed the question, “What green sprigs are you hoping to grow after this forest fire, (or extinguish)?” Read this Slate article about the ways that the country’s rules can be absurd, and how COVID-19 is waking us up.